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There are classic Nerf ball blasters and tennis balls as well as a number of other great throwing toys such as the Nerf Trackshot Launcher Duck. Games of fetch are loved by many a dog and we have a huge variety of throwing toys to make their next playtime super fun. Throw and retrieve games are a great way for you to interact with your dog during play – a really good to strengthen the bond between you and have fun together.

  • Designed for small breeds and puppies, the HDP Spot Soccer is a 2-inch diameter soccer ball made of soft yet chew-resistant latex.
  • Kimberly’s natural curiosity helps her research as she seeks the truth when learning about, comparing, and personally testing canine products and services.
  • At 48”+, it’s the perfect toy for large and giant breed dogs, but your dog will have fun dragging this no matter what his size.
  • Most dogs love them, but their instincts tell them to rip them apart.
  • This innovative, adjustable launcher can fit balls up to 3” in diameter, though the set itself includes six rubber balls that are 2.5” .

You might bounce the ball into a street or perhaps even a river where the current can be exceptionally strong. I can throw it much farther with very little effort. Makes playing with your friend easier on your back and shoulders. Hear first about our exclusive offers and pet care advice.

While it may seem like a great deal, from my personal experience, most of these one dollar dog toys last only a day or two, and dogs quickly eat them up. , durable and interesting to your dog is quite a tall order these days. Regulations in the US are more strict than in places like China. Now we’ve picked thebest dog toys made in USAthat may be a safer choice for your Fido. Dog throw toys are the perfect way to spice up your games of fetch.

Things You’ll nothing Like About Chuckit And Things You Will

Available in five sizes ranging from small to xx-large, dogs of all sizes can enjoy fetch with the chuck it ultra ball. Two-packs are available in select sizes for pet parents to keep an extra ultra ball on hand. The chuck it ultra ball is compatible with the chuck it ball launcher for dogs, enhancing fetch with slobber-free pickup and long-distance throws. One of the most interactive toy balls for dogs is the Chuckit!

This can end up costing you additional money in buying more toys that they just keep tearing through. The proud mom of a border collie mix rescue dog, Mary Jo DiLonardo has fostered 30 dogs and puppies. With that many pups, she’s gone through a lot of dog toys. chuckit! For more than 25 years, Mary Jo has covered a wide range of topics focused on nature, pets, health, science and anything that helps make the world a better place. She has spent six years with Treehugger, formerly under the Mother Nature Network brand.

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As a soft toy it’s not the best choice for powerful chewers, but for more gentle-mouthed Labs it will provide great entertainment. A great way to start finding a toy your dog is going to love, is to check out what other people’s pups have enjoyed getting their paws, jaws and claws into. So check out our selection of the best toys for Labradors, based on a wealth of personal experience with this wonderful breed. But no matter how your Labrador likes to play, we are confident that there is a toy out there that he will love. Some will snuggle up to soft toys and carry them around, others will shake everything ferociously, excavate stuffing and rip up even the toughest toy you can find. But with so many options out there, it can be easy to fall into the trap of buying ones that are just not suitable for this exuberant breed.

While many dog toys feel unoriginal and repetitive, Chuckit! Proudly promoting activities for canine fitness which enhance the human-canine bond, Chuckit! dog toys are perfect for adult age pups that want to have a blast while they get the exercise they need. Fetch toys are for you and your dog to play with together. The most common toys for fetching are balls and frisbees. As much as we crave time with our dogs, sometimes they want to play at the most inopportune times. This scenario is where distraction toys can be useful.

With a high spring in its bounce, it makes for a stimulating game of fetch. Say goodbye to grubby, slobber-covered tennis balls. Made from high quality and durable materials, this is a high visibility ball that’s easy to wash and can withstand a lot of chewing. We’ve done some research, and found top dog toy choices that are great for puppies, adult dogs and senior dogs. Besides safety and being American made, we’ve also made sure to pick dog toys that are fun and durable yet still affordable. Dog toys made in USA are not only safe, but they’re also faster to ship and have better customer support.

For loyal followers of the Classic, however, it is the treat-refillable nature of the KONG Extreme that is most remarkable. This should afford dogs endless hours of fun while killing canine boredom.

The most common distraction toys are chew toys, and you’ll have no shortage of options in this area. To get kibble or treats out, she has to roll the ball or pick it up in her mouth and throw it.

It is a virtually indestructible dog ball, which can also act as a treat dispenser. You will find that if you limit the time they get to play with it each day too, it will keep its novelty for longer. If your dog puts the whole thing in his mouth and starts gnawing down you might need to remove it from him temporarily. However, for supervised play it is a very popular little dispenser. It is built a bit like a weeble, designed to be bumped with the dogs nose to rock it from side to side and release treats. In our experience not all dogs are a fan of these games. Our older fox red Lab Tess for example just isn’t that fussed about getting access to a bit of kibble if she has to work too hard for it.

The brightly coloured toy is lightweight and soars great distances to give your dog a high energy workout. Chuckit has a variety of durable, unique balls to choose from, including glow-in-the-dark balls) without ever having to handle them. Dogs who love fetch can be tireless, but these toys may just give them a run for their money. Fetch toys are perfect for the park, the beach or even just the backyard. These toys might be exactly what you need to spice up your dog’s vast toy collection. Find the toys that best suit your dog’s favourite activities and games.